Updating ESTA Information for Danish Citizens

If you have already been issued a travel authorization (ESTA), you can update certain address information related to your next visit to the United States. Your ESTA should be updated before you check-in to ensure your latest travel itinerary is recorded. You can make an ESTA update multiple times for multiple trips without having to apply for a new travel authorization. However, information related to your passport details cannot be updated. If you have a e.g. been issued a new passport, you must apply for a new travel authorization. Only the latest ESTA application issued is valid. Older applications will automatically be cancelled at the a new one is issued.

The following information can be updated on existing travel authorizations (ESTA):

  • The address you will be staying at in the United States
  • Email used when applying

A change in the following requires a new travel authorization to be obtained:

  • Change of any passport details (gender, name, citizenship,etc.)
  • Change to any of the mandatory questions asked in the previous application

For travelers who will only transit through the United States, an update to the ESTA application should be made before check-in. The actual travel authorization is recommended to be printed and brought during your US visit.

Questions about how to update or obtain a new ESTA can be provided by a third party ESTA service provider.

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