ESTA Application for Danish Citizens

This website provides information regarding United States visas and the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, operated by a private company. This website also provides links to a third-party website which provides ESTA assistance and submission services. These services are provided by a private company not associated or affiliated with the US government, but who specialize in submitting applications to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The charges incurred relating to this process is a processing fee of US$ 74,00 in addition to the US$ 14.00 fee charged by the US government. The total cost for the ESTA application is US$ 88,00.

It is not a requirement to apply with a third-party website. You can submit your own ESTA application directly at the official United States government website.

Follow these easy steps to apply for your US travel authorization (ESTA):

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The service provided by this website is information about Unites States Travel Authorizations (ESTA) and links to third-party websites that may help you apply. This website does not process applications or provide legal assistance. This website is not affiliated with the Unites States Embassy or any third-party companies.

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